Easily Remove Glue and Adhesive from Your Lace Wig

I thought I would take a minute just to share one of the simplest ways to clean up adhesive from your lace.

Cleaning the adhesive off the wigs must be one of the most tedious aspects of wearing a lace wig. However, a while back I was on a forum and one of the members mentioned how he cleaned the glue from his lace.

All you need is some 99.9% alcohol and a mirror!

  1. Dab the alcohol on the glue on your lace (I find it works best when I saturate the glue on the lace with the alcohol)
  2. Press it hard against a mirror and just drag down!

Watch the video below - he mentions, glue solvent, but I find alcohol is perfect!


There is a technique to it which you will learn in time, but I would for sure give it a try - you should just see the adhesive roll off!

The mirror slide is an amazing little trick!

If you are attaching your lace wig then you know alcohol is essential for cleaning your hairline before you apply your adhesive, but if you dont have any, then you can purchase it from us, we have alcohol available in the following sizes :-

99% Alcohol 100ml - £2.75
99% Alcohol 250ml - £3.75

Also -why not also take a look at the other adhesive, removers and care products we have in stock.

Lindy Mills


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