Frequently Asked Questions


There are always lots of questions that I am asked before people place an order. So I have collated the most frequent questions that I have been asked so far - and some others that may be useful.


What is a lace front wig?
Lace wigs are a simple but special hair system where hair is hand sewn into a base known as a wig cap. When created well, a lace wig can appear as though hair is growing out of the scalp, especially around the hairline where it really matters. Good wig caps are made from a fine lace such as Swiss lace, the wig maker then hand ties individual hairs into the unit.


How long does it take to make a custom order?
As the units are hand made, wig makers will take some time to produce a unit, normally ranging from twenty-five to thirty days. Some manufactures can produce what is called a RUSH order, where workers work later and harder to produce the wigs within a shorter time frame, normally around fifteen to twenty days. At Stylish we do not put our workers under the pressure of RUSH orders, so always allow thirty days when ordering.


Should I get a full lace wigs or lace front wig?
The choice is up to you, the quality of the wigs are the same, the only difference is a full lace wig has additional lace all around the unit so that the hair can be worn high up at the back, exposing the nape of the neck. Whereas a front lace wig is designed to be worn with your hair down.


I normally wear wigs should I try a lace wig?
Wigs tend to look like ‘wigs’! If you are looking for something with a natural hairline then a lace wig would be more suitable. Well crafted lace wigs will be lighter to wear than their wig counterparts.


Do I choose remy or virgin hair?
The difference between the two is very important. We use units that are 100% human remy hair – this means each strand of hair has been kept in alignment ensuring the individual hairs all point in the same direction.
Have you ever noticed people walking around with hair that looks like a ‘birds nest’? Normally this is because the hair is not remy (aligned in the same direction) – so the hair tangles. In addition to this remy hair may also have chemicals applied to it to produce the texture required, such a Light Yaki or Kinky Straight. Virgin hair is exactly as it says ‘virgin’, this hair type is by fair the best quality and these units are the most expensive, but you are paying for quality. The hair within these units have been taken directly from the donors and most importantly do not have a texture applied.


Why do your wigs look longer than your have stated in your advert?
All wigs are measured from the root to tip – so every hair measures the length specified. So if you are looking at a 14 inch wig, then it will measure around 14 to 18 inches, there is always an allowance of 4 inches. As the hair we use to construct the units are human, they can be cut and styled by your normal stylist if the hair is longer that you want.


How long will my wig last?
How long is a piece of string? The life of your unit is dependant on so many factors, including how well you treat the unit, how often you wear it, how you wash the unit and how you remove it between wearing. If handled well, there is no reason why the units can’t last six to twelve months or even longer. At Stylish, we issue all our wigs with a care and instructions leaflet.


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