When you take one of our wigs out of the box, it is normally folded, and may have been in the box for a little while - so you can expect that the

18" Indian Remy Lace Front Wig
Lace front wig before before we flatten the hair

hair does not lay as flat and smooth as you want it to - so you need to take a minute and spruce it up!

There are a few different ways to lay the hair flat, but I just want to concentrate on water for now.

If you have one, grab a water spray, if you don't then just go and wet a cloth.

Water spray bottle

You do want the cloth to be dripping wet though - as you need to saturate the hair, so probably best then to get a cloth and a bowl!

You will need a brush and a wig head - or you can do it on your own hair, if you don't mind getting a little wet!

Pop the wig on and take a minute to part he wig where you want your new parting to go, then just take your water spray and spray the hair or wet it with your cloth.


Use the brush to smooth it down, so that the hair lays where you want it to lay, and then..... wait for it to dry.


The more you smooth the wet hair with the brush the flatter and smoother the final result will be.