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Ghost Bond Adhesives...

Pro Hair Labs have released the following products, the original Ghost Bond, Ghost Bond XL and Ghost Bond Supreme.  All of these products have been especially formulated to be non toxic when used, this gentle formula still holds an amazing bond.  Ghost Bond has one of the easiest clean ups that we know about, once removed simply use the Ghost Buster to clean up your lace.  It could not be easier to do!

One of the most popular tapes on the market and designed especially for lace based system.  Although the tape has a blue colour to it, when applied it goes on clear and has a nice matt finish.
This is for the wider strips - 3/4 inches wide.  Without a doubt this is one of the strongest hold tapes for the vast majority of people.  Blue liner or lace support tape as it is originally known has been around for many years.  Used within the tupee wearing community - the durability of this tape is second to none.
Davlyn liquid adhesive is a great option for lace wig wearers who want a shorter hold of anything from 1 - 2 weeks.
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This hypoallergenic tape is quickly becoming on of the most popular tape adhesives.  Well known for its dull finish, is virtually invisible through the unit.  It is made with Urethane, which makes the tape flexible with the skin.
A very popular hypoallergenic tape. It is made of Urethane, which makes for a very flexible bond. It is very popular with our hair extensions. This tape is also known as Flexable, Geobond or Eurobond
Pro Flex II tape has been on the market for yesrs, proving a trusty alternative to other tapes on the market at the moment.  A double sided tape, that is clear when peeled off, when used correctly, this tape can give you a hold time of around a week.
This is a roll of Supertape 3/4" - 3 Yard - Designed for attachment with lace wigs, supertape is one of the leading products for lace wig attachments.
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Reported to be the strongest tape on the market for Hair Replacment Systems. 
This adhesive is the leading standard for soft bonds and can provide hold times of upto 4 weeks. Infamous for its long hold times this adhesive comes in this large size - to keep for many applications. Be sure to keep the bottle closed to stop the glue from drying out.
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Reported to be the strongest Tape on the market for Hair Replacment Systems.  The ultrahold tape gives you all the benefit of ultrahold glue, but now in a new tape roll.
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